Freia Achenbach is a product designer based in Stuttgart, Germany. Her approach allows movement between disciplines and playfully explores material, form, and colour. In her work Freia Achenbach experiments with a wide variety of materials and both traditional and innovative manufacturing processes.
Her objects always tell a story and bring a certain ambiguity with them. All objects are handmade and/or created in collaboration with small manufactories. She produces objects as unique pieces as well as in small series and realizes commissioned works for customers. 
Since 2018 she has been collaborating with June Gschwander and Carlo Kurth under the joint design studio anima ona. She has completed projects with a range of clients including Fondation d´entreprise MartellKunstverein Böblingen e.V., GRDXKN structure printingStudio SajeMoncomble Paris, Centre Pompidou .